Monday, May 24, 2010

Updated SDK for SharePoint 2010

Microsoft have just released an updated SDK for SharePoint 2010.

You can download it here:

The SDK contains object model (including JavaScript OM, Client OM, and Server OM) reference documentation, Web Service references, schema references, “how-to” topics, conceptual overviews, and code samples and snippets for working with application programming interfaces (APIs) in SharePoint 2010.

Check out all the new Code samples in this release:

SharePoint Foundation
     • Implementation of IBackupRestore

Business Connectivity Services
    • AdventureWorks .NET Assembly
    • AdventureWorks ASP.NET Web Service
    • AdventureWorks WCF Service
    • AdventureWorks 2008 .Net Assembly and Web Services
    • AdventureWorks 2008 Declarative Outlook Solution Reusable Components
    • AdventureWorks 2008 Declarative Outlook Solution Sample
    • Authenticating and Consuming Data from NetFlix (Web 2.0 Application)
    • BDC Model for XML Snippets
    • Custom Web Part and Word Add-in Sample
    • Sample Orders .Net Assembly and Web Services
    • Sandboxed BCS Workflow Sample

Enterprise Content Management
    • Content Type-Based Metadata
    • Creating a Routing Rule
    • Custom Document ID Provider
    • Managed Metadata Dependencies
    • Pausable Custom Timer Jobs
    • Publishing Cache Services
    • Silverlight Controls and Silverlight Thumbnail Extraction Sample
    • Retention Events

User Profiles and Social Data
    • Combine information from my public profile on Linkedin (or Facebook) with my User
    • Gold star or thumbs to a colleague
    • Insert an event/document change event in feed
    • Share a link with my colleagues
    • Social data statistics
Visio Services
    • Annotations Sample
    • Custom Error Messages Sample
    • Mouse Interaction Sample

Enjoy !!


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