Friday, May 28, 2010

Suggested SharePoint Development Standards

Assembly Development:

File Headers:
  • In the top section of each file (code, xml, aspx, etc) supply the following information:
    • Company name and copy rights
    • Author name
    • File
    • Purpose
    • Create Date
Custom Configuration:
Config File:
  • When possible try to not store custom settings in the web.config file. Use a separate file on CONFIG folder.
  • File name should follow this format:
    • [Customer]_[Supplier Name]_[Solution name]_Configuration.config example:Adventureworks_JSolutions_Branding_Configuration.config
  • Entries to web.config keys must be communicated beforehand to the customer.
  • Entries to web.config (user names or passwords) must be encrypted.
  • Entries to the web.config should be inside a block of comment which contains the solution name and description.
Property Bag:
  • Should be used for storing only primitive types.
  • If the values are user-defined, provide a web interface to edit those properties from custom actions on central administration on each property scope.
  • Ensure that each feature GUID is unique in the farm.
  • Ensure that each feature folder name and title should follow this format:
    • [Customer].[Supplier Name].[Solution name].[Feature Name]
    • example: Adventureworks.JSolutions.Branding.HideLinks
  • Ensure that all the features has a appropriate name, description, updated version number and icon.
  • Features with event receivers should clean up all changes created in activation as part of the deactivation routines. If the feature creates a list that contains user data, the feature should not delete this list.
  • Farm and Web Application features should never be hidden.
  • Site Collection and Site features should be hidden.
Solution (WSP):
  • Ensure that new solutions have a unique GUID in the Farm
  • Ensure that the new solution version number is incremented (format V#.#.#)
  • Solution naming convention must be descriptive: 
    • [Client Name].[Supplier Name].[Solution or module name]_[Version number].wsp                                       
    • example: Adventureworks.JSolutions.Branding_v1.0.0.wsp
  • In case of an update solution action is required for installation,solution name must not be  changed. 
  • The solution package should not include any of SharePoint installed files.
  • Referenced assemblies should not be set to copy local = 'true'.
  • All prerequisites must be communicated to the customer and pre-installed as stand-alone components for easier administration.

 Tools for Building the Solution:
Tools for Quality Assurance:
  • Use FXCop for identifying and fixing performance and security issues in source code.
  • Use the CAT.NET to help identify security issues in the solution source code.
  • Use StyleCop to identify code style and naming conventions issues. 
  • Use the SPDisposeCheck tool
Source Control:
  • All source code must be under a proper source control (like TFS or SVN).
  • All internal builds must have proper labels on source control.
  • All releases have proper labels on source control.
Quality Assurance:
Release to Customer:
  • Provide an Installation Guide which contains the following items:
    • Solution name and version number.
    • Targeted environments for installation.
    • Software and hardware Prerequisites: explicitly describes what is all needed updates, activities, configurations, packages, etc. that should be installed or performed before the package installation.
    • Deployment steps: Detailed steps to deploy or retract the package.
    • Deployment validation: How to validate that the package is deployed successfully.
    • Describe all impacted scopes in the deployment environment and the type of impact.
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